Mass wave of energy coming – Sanat Kumara – 6-10-15



Wave after wave of energy is entering your planet in these moments. What you need to understand is these waves are a gift. They contain codes that are changing your DNA and opening you to new and infinite possibilities. As you open, old programming is naturally released. Most of your population is unaware that these changes are taking place and may not realize it for many years until they look back and see the vast changes that have been made. For those that are aware of the process, we look to you to help the others along. You do not do this by pushing your views on another but rather by allowing them the space to go through this process. You do this by simply remaining in your heart and by understanding that all is happening perfectly.

While it is important to help one another, you must be careful not to prescribe to them a way of fixing their journey, as their journey is not broken. When you are tempted to judge someone for their habits, behaviors and even illnesses we ask that you ask yourself if you are in complete knowledge of their soul plan and goals. If you are not, then we ask you not to impose your soul plan upon another. We understand that it is hard to fathom why some would choose their paths, their illnesses, their behaviors and experiences. What must be understood is that all of you, those aware or not, are all here to perfect your souls, to experience as many dynamics that life in density, in form can offer you. Some of you have experienced this task before here on earth and on other planets. It is you who decided to enter earth in this life with added challenges. Just as when you exercise with weights if you keep the weight the same your muscle growth and definition will stop, so you add more weight to continue. This could be why some of you have chosen difficult lives full of strife and disharmony. Is it not easy to hold your vibration, to know your true self when you are alone? Yet it’s not until you add others and the happenings of daily life that you are truly tested.

Each of you have chosen your obstacles to overcome, they are all different and vast. For this reason one cannot  compare their journey, their path to another’s. Many of you, are true to your loving nature and want to help your fellow traveler. This is noteworthy and to be admired, however we urge you not to judge or label those who seem to be stuck or whom seem unwilling to make change in their own lives. It is they who need your compassion and love the most. We are not suggesting that you sacrifice yourself for another. Instead we ask that you show compassion and restraint, by understanding that you can not do anything more than share your experience, your point of view with another. While some will listen and accept your guidance, for others the exact same message will not help them as each of you are experiencing your own life, designed by the highest aspect of self to achieve your particular soul goals.

You may ask yourself why this is so important at this stage. It is because a mass wave of energy is coming to your planet within the next few days that will propel more into the 5th Dimension and even more to begin the awakening process. This will be felt immediately by some and not for weeks by others. This wave will be uncomfortable and life changing for many. Some will choose to act on the inner urging getting louder and louder, some will retreat further into fear and ego, some will simply let go and see the beauty in the process. None of these are wrong and again are designed and orchestrated by your soul source. Many will be searching for help, guidance and support. It will be your choice if you lead them into fear and judgement or love and acceptance of all they are; knowing that all is in perfect order and all will experience exactly what they have desired to.

We are anxiously waiting and watching the process taking place on your planet. There is the beginnings of momentum now that will eventually consume every man, woman, child, plant, and animal in it’s loving energy. You are returning home.


Personal Conversation with Sanat Kumara

Me: Where is home?

Sanat: It is within you, it is the part of you that is whole and complete. As you merge with yourself you will understand that it matters little where you roam.

Me: What does it mean to be awakened? Is it to be knowledgeable of this process and the different dimensions of this world, seen and unseen?

Sanat: No, it is simply to be heart centered in all that you do, think, and say. This comes in levels. What first people are able to only maintain for moments, they will be able to hold in every moment until it is second nature and unnatural to not be in this place.

Me:  Does that mean we won’t ever get angry?

Sanat: Of course not, to have emotions is part of being human and the experience you asked to receive. What it does mean  is that you will not deliberately harm another and that you are able to see the good in all, even if it is just at their soul level. You will be able to understand that all are playing roles designed to give them the experience and growth they needed.

Me: A friend called and said a 12 year old who has visions told her that he saw their seaside town hit by a tsunami. When I consulted my higher self, I was told that the wave the child is seeing is an energy wave that would inundate everything much like a tsunami would.  It brought up a memory of a dream I had in 2012 where a tsunami hit New York and I was working on pulling people out of the water. For the longest time I feared that an actual tsunami was going to destroy the east coast. Hollywood didn’t help.

Sanat: What you saw was the energy wave that helped to awaken the first wave. You were helping people just as you help them to manage the energies now. What the child is seeing is the incoming large wave of energy that is pushing those awakened and activating others to return to self. It is often a literal interpretation of messages that brings great fear. These and all messages received need to be tested against the heart and corrected or discarded if they cause fear.

Me: Natural disasters do happen though. 

Sanat: Yes, they do and each one is agreed upon by all souls involved. While compassion is essential so is not feeling that things were done to people.

Me: Ok, I see that. There is a greater design than I can see, a plan and a purpose. 

Sanat: Yes, and yours was designed by you.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle.


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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

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  2. Hi Jenny! I cannot thank you enough for all that you share. You share it with compassion and wonderful knowledge and an easy understanding of things as well! Again I thank you and wish you Many Blessings for your week ahead….Hugs of Light, Barbara xxxxx

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  3. I also want to thank you for all the information you share…It has been a great comfort to me and I so appreciate your work…..may you be blessed.


  4. Reblogged this on Akosmopolite and commented:
    A beautiful reminder to remain heart centered and show compassion & understanding. Knowing that we all chose our paths. Let others unravel to their soul and awaken in their divine time. For those who are awakened, be the light by staying in your heart, in the bliss of love. ❤ More will be awakening soon. ❤


  5. lovely to meet you here on wordpress and thanks for sharing the channel… I look forward to this next big wave with open arms. Barbara x I hope we can be good friends here and enjoy each others awakened journey.


  6. Oh my ! Perfect…all that has been said/writen is incredible!
    Although I try it is difficult to keep 24h heart centered momentum…much work to be done.
    Thank you.


  7. Dear Jenny, Thank you so much for this channeling. I have only recently come across your work and I am very grateful for all that you share with others. With much love , Sally

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  10. Hi and Thank You so very much for this message. It was very, very helpful and answered a lot of questions. Much Love,


  11. I have had tsunami dreams since I was younger. I love the explanation this gives. Very insightful.


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  17. Hi Jenny, love your work! I sent an email to you (at your gmail address) however, it bounced back.
    I was enquiring of your fees for an hour reading in Australian dollars. I have a paypal and Skype account.
    Many Blessings,


  18. Aloha Beloveds! I am the author, Bella Moon, of The Last of the Ancient Earth Keepers… and you will find me living my 51st birthday on the BiG Island of Hawaii welcoming in the new wave of energy and Star Beingness that is surely coming our way! All WILL BE WELL! I am also a photographer, known as gaiaVision and I am honored to receive these most precious images to share with the ALL, the most potent and powerful truth to what is happening, especially here on the Big Island, at 19.5 Degrees Longitude, this is the coast not far from where Pele Gives Birth to New Earth… and this is where the new paradigm is being projected to arrive. We ARE the Ones that We Have Been Waiting For! This photo was taken on June 11th, 2015, by gaiaVision, of a new mother to be! … om to the light Beings, the SolLight Children!


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  20. Sorry to keep commenting. Reading just brings up ideas for comments. Before I was keeping it a bit of a secret, but I am Schizoaffective and on medication. Deep thought has lead me to conclude that this medication is for a deeper purpose then most would think.

    The medication is like a buffer that slows the effects of the waves. As long as the waves are continuing in such intensity, I am so connected that I would be dysfunctional without a buffer. I can still talk to Spirit with the medication, but without it there is just too much to understand.

    Spiritual awakening is possible on brain medication, and can even be aided by it. People need to stop telling others to go off medication, because they do not see the good it is doing.

    I have a buffer throughout all my blood. When I became so connected to spirit that I started to hear voices, I was not even close to ready. I have grown much since then. Yet, I am still not ready. I have come to conclusion that I need to wait for the endless waves to slow to a normal pace.

    The waves started picking up in intensity actually over a very long time. They reached too much intensity for my brain about 10 years ago. I thought I had died, and was seeking transcendence. Yet, the world I was looking for, hadn’t come to being. I woke up, saw that I did not match the world around me. Things were so different, colors brighter, sound purer. So logically, I figured I had just died.

    However, I had not yet learned how to deal with fear. I did not understand how I could suddenly hear voices, and why I had not transcended to Heaven. So I thought I had been wrongfully put in Hell.

    Without knowing it, Big Plasma created a buffer that is very helpful to those Old Souls that have been a Shaman so long, that the intensity of the current waves is too much of a push. Its more of a push then they need. This way they can come into such an intense ascension, and not be blown to the Heavens by all the energy. The point of coming to Earth, is to be on Earth.


  21. I think that you come from a really neat perspective and through that you will be able to help others. Thank you for sharing your story so fearlessly!


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  23. I agree. We each have to do what is best for us and not allow the judgement of others to get in the way. Going to a shaman to help you with your gift is an option as well. I have learned so much from shamanic classes

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  24. Paul, re pole shift it is so interesting -in the last 10 days there have been at least 2 where I was completely nauseous (like seasick) AND the pendulum worked in reverse order. I attribute that to earth wobbling!